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Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, beers and wines

From a lunchtime aperitif, dinner, after dinner and cocktails: a drink for every moment, selected by IMES. Wine? Beer? Spirits? Don’t worry, with IMES you’ll be supplied with everything you need for your bar. We provide you with a vast range of national and international wines, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

I raffinati



Fruit juice

Leida 19.88 wine

Non-alcoholic beverages

At lunch, aperitifs and as part of a relaxing break: non-alcoholic beverages are an essential refreshment containing juices, soft drinks, water and syrups. The wider the range, the more you will be able to guarantee customer satisfaction, by offering unique and thirst-quenching moments.

Leida 19.88

Explore our incredible offer for a truly unmissable experience, unique in terms of the sheer variety of labels, quality and prestige of wines. A vast selection of wines and spirits from Italy and many other countries: reds, whites and sparkling wines from the exclusive label “Leida 19.88”.

Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto PGI
A remarkably structured and aromatic red wine laden with red berry notes. Perfect served with decisively flavoured foods such as game, roasts or stews.

Chardonnay Veneto PGI
This white dry wine is made from Chardonnay grapes from the Veneto region and is characterised by an intense fruity flavour. An excellent accompaniment to fish, cheese and egg-based dishes.

PDO Prosecco extra dry
A fresh wine characterised by a fine and persistent perlage coupled with a fruity flavour which delights the palate, made from the Glera variety. Perfect for aperitifs as well as a variety of dining occasions.

Sparkling wine Extra dry
A delicate balance between past and present, tradition and innovation: behold the secret of a timeless wine which continues to stimulate even the most demanding and refined palates.

Beer – non-alcoholic beer

The IMES beer selection contains a variety of flavours and include non-alcoholic as well as organic products. Bottled or canned, light or dark, lager or ale: a variety of choices brought to you by a single supplier.

Spirits and LIQUORS

Italian and international tradition represented in a range of products just waiting to be sipped and savoured, including: grappa, gin, rum, vodka, whisky and a variety of liquors.
A variety of flavours and ageing techniques, spirits and liquors selected by IMES, perfect served at the end of dinner, with coffee, or for use as a cocktail ingredient.

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