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Fruit and vegetables

The earliest fruit and vegetable brought to your kitchen by IMES. Frozen and fresh, we bring you only certified fruit and vegetables. Indeed IMES follows the UNI EN ISO 2200:2005 certification path to guarantee food safety “from field to fork”, based on fundamental precepts: interactive communication, the management of systems, prerequisite programme and HACCP principles. Each product follows a process which is recorded and enables each operator to view its complete history.

I raffinati

Treviso Radicchio

Grilled vegetables

IV range vegetables


Frozen quality

We offer a wide selection of freshly picked and immediately frozen fruits and vegetables, for a natural, ready to use product, customisable to suit all requirements.
Frozen products are free from preservatives and additives: all your customers can enjoy “seasonal fruits and vegetables” any time of the year.

In selecting fresh frozen fruits and vegetables, you purchase parts suitable for serving only. All other parts (peel, pods, seed, leaves) are discarded during processing and are not transported. Proposed products maintain a high, constant quality and enable you to save a lot of time and energy in the kitchen.


Seasonal flavours, the taste of a freshly picked fruit.
A meticulous selection of products featuring only the excellence of national organic farming produce.

Healthy and natural certified products obtained from a complex production systems with beneficial effects for the environment and lifestyle.

IV range vegetables

A helping hand in the kitchen: fresh, washed, packaged and ready to eat fruit and vegetables.
It is possible to prepare a healthy and well-balanced menu with IV range fruit and vegetables: harvested fresh fruit and vegetables undergo technological minimal entity processing which guarantees hygiene safety and enhanced product properties.

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