Project Description

No food products

A complete service: IMES guarantees the supply of all foods required for catering businesses and also selects products useful for serving clientèle and the cleaning of premises. In this way you will have a single supplier, enabling you to source everything you need to organise your catering business, all in a single order. IMES, your partner in the kitchen.


Professional cleaning products

Take-away boxes

Cleaning equipment



A complete single-use range of cutlery, glasses, table cloths and napkins in a variety of sizes and colours, for unique table settings: flavour combined with hygiene and speed, for impeccable service.


Enhance your marketing with take-away boxes and bags that can be personalised with your own brand: spread the word about your business.
IMES supplies everything you need to respond to the needs of customers who do not intend to compromise on flavour when eating from home.

Professional cleaning

For the cleaning of premises and rest rooms: numerous and specific products all contained in the IMES catalogue.
The selection includes degreasers, disinfectants and descalers, floor cleaners, washable surface and rest room cleaners, dishwasher detergents and cleaning equipment (gloves, microfibres cloths and brooms).

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