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Flours and yeasts

Bread, pasta and pizza: flour-based products, the true origin of all bakery products. Excellent flour guarantees a high quality product and IMES proposes genuine flours and products for the preparation of bread and pizza.
From the finest soft and durum wheats, a wide selection of flours and products for a variety of uses: The IMES catalogue also contains flour from all kinds of cereals, as well as gluten free flours to satisfy the palate of intolerance sufferers. The selection is completed by starches, yeasts and thickeners.



From the finest Italian soft and durum wheats and more, IMES selects a wide range of flours produced in Italy along with more classic flours for different uses: bread, pizza, desserts and cakes.


From an often forgotten antiquity, a selection of flours made from different cereals. Special flours include: burnt wheat flour, organic Kamut flour, high quality barley and oat flours.

yeasts and malt

Yeasts which confer softness upon products can be natural or chemical. The former category includes natural and baking yeast.
Malt improves the baking process.


Starch is contained in rice, corn and wheat. It is made up of two glucose polymers and according to the percentage of each, there are different starches with different gelling temperatures and characteristics.

Organic flours

Flours obtained by the milling of organically farmed grains, subject to yearly audits, targeted checks to verify compliance with certification conditions. Milled grain is farmed without the use of chemical substances (fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and pest control products) and must not be derived from GMO seeds.

Nature, the environment and their preservation, all recounted in a flour.

Gluten free flour

For a gluten free diet, perfect for celiac and intolerance sufferers, we propose rice, millet and sorghum flours. The first kind is suitable for the preparation of gnocchi, fresh pasta, cakes as well as batter and frying. Millet flour is also gluten free and is excellent for making breadsticks, biscuits and cakes. Sorghum makes an excellent base for dry bakery products (piadina flat bread and biscuits).

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