Project Description

Bread, pasta and
semi-finished products

Made in Italy and excellent culinary traditions expressed by means of the finest products available on the market and selected by IMES: from bread to pasta, sauces to desserts. A meticulously selected range brimming with flavour and ancient history.
From breakfast to after dinner, IMES accompanies you in your choices, ensuring an excellent, flavour laden experience for your customers.

The selection



Ready-made dishes

Amatriciana sauce

Semi-finished products

With IMES it is now possible to season and dress pasta dishes, roasts and side dishes with ready-made sauces and relishes.
Semi-finished products enable the easy and rapid preparation of dishes, for streamlined procedures and serving times.

For you

IMES distinguishes itself in virtue of its ability to constantly supply even the largest of volumes.
With personalised recipes, where you choose each ingredient, we even supply private label products.

Ready-made, multi-portion dishes

Ready-made, multi-portion dishes are also available in handy single-portions, an excellent solution for rapid catering and bars
Exclusively produced and manufactured in Italy. Weight may vary from 1.5 to 2.5 Kg according to product

First courses

Second courses

Side dishes


Pasta: Italian excellence, inimitable and coveted all over the world.
IMES supplies all kinds of pasta: egg, durum wheat semolina or other flours (spelt, wholegrain, Kamut).


Each variety of rice has particular characteristics which makes is suitable for specific recipes. IMES supplies common, medium grain, fine grain, processed and foreign variety rices.


From breakfast to aperitif and breadcrumbing: IMES supplies a full range of bakery products to satisfy all your needs (bread for toast, bruschetta, rusks, bread crumbs).


Apple strudel, tarts and other dessert products. Everything is ready so that you can offer a delicious breakfast, snacks or after dinner dessert. Our selected sweet pastry products feature the finest dessert traditions.


An energising and temptingly delicious break for customers, served with coffee or tea.

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