Project Description

Long conservation products

Speed things up in the kitchen with selected articles which give chefs the chance to create recipes with a variety of ingredients in just a few minutes.
Flavour from origin to table is also expressed in a wide range of national and international condiments which IMES proposes for enhancing the flavour of quality. The category also includes beans, spelt and lentils, important ingredients for warming broths and hearty soups.

The selection

Modena balsamic vinegar

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

Tomato pulp, 100% Italian tomatoes

Organic legumes

Tomato pulp

All the flavour and genuineness of Made in Italy products: tomato in a variety of formats.
The tomato product range is available both in retail and food service formats and includes simple and concentrated purées as well tomato pulp for pizza.
The “Le Cose Buone” range guarantees quality products which are made in strict compliance with various regulations and checks carried out during all processing phases.


Choosing the right condiment for serving with your dishes is fundamental for achieving good results.
Balsamic, white, red or apple vinegar, corn, peanut, sunflower and extra virgin olive oil all feature in this rich selection.

Products preserved in oil and pickles

A vast selection of long conservation products: from vegetables to meats and tinned fish.
The Italian entrée tradition brought to your kitchen in a range selected to recount classic traditions and to inspire delicious serving suggestions.

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