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Cheeses and dairy products

Sheep’s goat’s and cow’s milk all feature in our range of fresh and mature cheeses, perfect for satisfying all kinds of requirements from all kinds of customers, as well as a variety of recipes. Our selection also recounts the story of Italian culinary tradition, divided into regions and flavours, including milk and yoghurt for breakfasts and meal preparation. The cheese range contains a variety of different cheeses: soft, semi hard, pulled curd and hard.

I raffinati

Grana Padano

Parmigiano Reggiano

PDO Campania Buffalo Mozzarella

PDO Pecorino

Products for pizza restaurants

Mozzarella is the main ingredient for pizza: this is why IMES pays particular attention to its selection, guaranteeing high quality end results for you.
From large format sticks to julienne and diced: all requirements are satisfied by our range of products. The important thing is that your customers enjoy their pizza and come back in the future.


Julienne mozzarella

Diced mozzarella


For breakfast, a snack and all kinds of recipes, we have a wide selection of milk types: low-fat, highly digestible, lactose free, cow’s, goat’s, soya.

The IMES catalogue contains products which respond to all requirements, with particular attention to intolerance and allergy sufferers.


Delicious fruit, cereal of low-fat options, our yoghurts are available in any format: from small pots for individual consumption at breakfast or as a snack, to large formats suitable for use in a wide range of recipes.

The IMES selection also contains organic and lactose free products, to protect the environment and satisfy the requirements of intolerance and allergy sufferers.

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